Allergy tests and desensitization therapy or "Hyposensibilisierungstherapie"

In our practice, we do allergy tests by doing a prick test or by determining antibodies in the blood.

The prick test is used to determine an allergy:

A defined allergen extract will be dropped on the skin and lightly pricked with a lancet so the respective substances can enter the epidermis. The intensity of skin redness and size of welts shall be judged. The prick test itself is mostly pain-free.

In blood samples, we can prove free IgE-antibodies. On the one hand, the general IgE-levels can be measured that will include all free IgE-antibodies. this value allows the determination of whether there are, in general, allergic antibodies increasingly building up. On the other hand, it also allows determination of allergen-specific antibodies.