Tips for insect stings or bites



Bee - Wasp - and Mosquito stings or bites:

To relieve the pain, swelling or itching after an insect sting or bite please proceed as follows:

Hold the affected area under cold water, cool it with a plastic bag filled with ice cubes or with a weakened vinegar water mixture, alcohol or with a basic aluminium acetate. Alternatively rubbing a half of an onion or a half a lemon on the affected area helps to relieve the discomfort.

Another special tip:

Ribwort, a plant known for its medical properties for centuries brings a fast relief of itching and swelling.

Pick 3-4 of the ribwort leaves and rub them between your palms. After approximately half a minute the juice will come out, with which you should amply swab the affected area. A chilling and itch alleviating effect will occur within a few minutes and after 15-20 minutes you will hardly see the affected area anymore. Don't wash it off immediately - the plant contains an effective antibiotic substance that protects you from infections!

Please never scratch the affected area. This can lead to infections.