The Summer - Unfortunately the High Season for Diarrhoea

Sickness and diarrhoea is most often experienced by children. It can be a simple single instance after eating or drinking too much - or somethin bad - at a children´s party, but it can also be a serious signal for a more serious case of diarrhoea.
Sickness - for example following a fall - could be caused by a concussion or a much more serous head injury.

It is therefore important to consider the cause:

  • Has the child fallen down even when out of sight?
  • Is there listlessness or confusion?
  • Is there an impression of weakness?
  • Fever?
  • Were there stomach pains but after vomiting some relief?

If you are unsure - especially for younger children - then you should really see a Doctor in order not to oversee any serious illness or injury.

If the child has been sick one or several times then it is equally important to try to calm the stomach and to slowly build up again the fluid and salt levels:
Drink a mouthful of water, tea (fennel or chamomile) or an electrolyte rich drink

  • Starting with an amount of ca. 20ml (the size of a "shot" glass) for 10 minutes, thereafter waiting 5 minutes to see if it ist kept down
  • Eventually add some glucose to the fluid of approximately a half a teaspoon in 100ml of fluid
  • After 1-2 hours try a light digestible carbohydrate such as fresh salty sticks, rice cakes, a white roll or pretzel
  • For small children a mash made out of pureed banana with baby rice cereals and water or young carrots (without fat) with cereal
  • Children still breastfeeding should continue to breastfeed and no further new foodstuffs should be introduced

After the first hour the child should firstly take in sufficient liquid and lightly digestible foodstuff.
The drink could be water or tea, lightly sweetened with glucose or an off the shelf available electrolyte drink. It is not recommended to take on Coca-Cola or black tea and especially not fruit juice, lemonade, milk with sugar or honey. As foodstuff to promote a quicker recovery of the stomach it is possible to consider, salted potatoes, and salted carrots, mashed potatoes without milk but made with the cooking water, stale bread (not toasted), pretzel, white bread, salty sticks or even rusk - providing they are without milk protein and fat free.