Further Tips for a Relaxing Holiday

entspannte Füße

©Joe Hohenwarter/pixelio.de

Especially those of us who experience a heavy workload or stress suddenly find that they involuntarily have to spend some of their vacation time in bed. The symptoms range from general sickness and feeling to be "unwell" up to migraine and diarrhoea.  Often it is that quick step from high stress to extreme calmness that is the cause of the problem.

If the body is under continual stress for too long, then a sudden calming down can sometimes be an additional load and leads to an unfavourable reaction.  Traffic jams and the stress of preparing the journey weaken the immune system and those affected fell weak and then become ill. At that time even certain psychological problems can occur which are usually ignored or remain unnoticed in the working day.

Almost fifty percent of all travellers are not able to recuperate. Frequently this is due to higher expectations than achievable of the wrong strategy to relax.

Our tip:

Many stressed holiday makers think that they have to immediately on the first day lie on the beach relaxed with a book and that often does not work. The body and soul need a type of cooling down period. In the first week it is advisable to remain somewhat active with sightseeing tours, diving courses, hiking or just simply walking.  The relaxing days should then be in the programme for the second week. The body and soul need at least 3 weeks to recover and this rule is even more relevant when taking into consideration a location with a different temperature than that used to, or a different time zone. Jetlag and acclimatisation can put a strain on your body and your soul.

Those of us that are mostly sitting down at work should try to move more on vacation and the people that in the main work on machines or computers should seek out a balance through contact to others and to Mother Nature. On the contrary those of us that have a lot of daily contact with other people with hustle and bustle should seek out and enjoy a quieter alternative.

Don't get upset or lose your temper on vacation over inevitable problems such as building site noise, rain or unfriendly hotel staff. Stay composed and think of it as a sporting challenge!  Buy a rain jacket for the bad weather and enjoy the nicer side of the hotel or the hotel staff.

When several people travel on holiday there are many possibilities to relax and enjoy the time but sometimes conflict can be pre-programmed! A simple trick can be to discuss the expectations and wishes with your family or fellow travellers before the holiday in order to better plan the vacation and allow everyone to enjoy themselves.

When you are back at work and the "daily grind" catches up with you once again:

Check out those holiday photographs a couple of weeks after the vacation in order to enjoy once again the free time that you had and remind yourself of those happy times.